Regis Molina

is a musician and composer from Havana, who is based in Berlin. Since the age of nine his primary instrument has been the alto saxophone. Now a multi-instrumentalist, he plays the baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet and Afro-Cuban percussion as well. Based on Cuban traditional rythms and Jazz, his playing style is flexible, with strong improvisation skills in any genre, be it World Music, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul or Pop.

Bands & Projects

I share the stage and studio worldwide with renowned musicians and artists such as Ojos de Brujo, Aloe Blacc, Jimi Tenor, Tony Allen, Lee „Scratch“ Perry, Chucho Valdes, Stars of Buena Vista Social Club, José Feliciano, Afrocuban Allstars, Helene Fischer and Samy DeLuxe. I am involved in various projects or create them myself. Here I would like to give you a little insight into my musical work.

Jazz / Impro / Latin American Rhythms


Elements of jazz, improvisation and Latin American rhythms define much of the sound of the group Tree-O, which was founded by three musicians in Berlin a few years ago. Behind this was the need to create new sounds and new musical paths to connect with musical and spiritual roots and, in turn, explore new directions within the trio sound. The trio format allows for some musical freedom, but requires an extreme connection between the musicians, which is clearly the case with this Berlin-based Cuban-Colombian group. Regis „KinRe“ Molina (saxophone, flute and percussion), Javier Reyes (drums) and Sergio „Checho“ Gómez (bass) are the roots of this Tree-O that will offer the listener an unforgettable musical experience.

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Afrikun is the result of the collaboration of three young Afro-Cuban artists. MC / Music Producer Kumar Sublevao-Beat and Machete Horns teamed up with a multi-instrumental duo consisting of El Congo Allen and Regis KinRe Molina. With an energetic, rhythmic, modern and ancestral staging, Afrikun is a trip to the past in a vehicle of the future.

A project in which rhythm machines, synthesizers, horns, drums and millennial instruments pay tribute to the musicians African Ancestors, and deepen the diversity of their cultural heritage. Being explicitly reflected, the experimental and spiritual nature of the album is nothing more than ‘round trips of the music’ [to the musical imaginaries of Africa as a] ‘creative continent’. Also collaborating in this project are Omar Sosa, Dayme Arocena, M.anifest, Mû MbanaAdama Kone… as well as other impressive artists.

With this trio as a base they have performed in several clubs and festivals in Europe among which we can mention: Guapi Festival (Nairobi), Fusion Festival (Berlin), Haus-Für-Poesie (Berlin), Marula Café (Barcelona). Recently Afrikun was included in the Playlist  of NPR MUSIC The Sounds Of Cuba TodayWith the song „Kimbiseros“ which forms part of the second compilation Havana Culture The Searchs Continues presented by Giles Peterson.

Afrikun_Marti (1)
Deutscher Hip-Hop

Samy DeLuxe & das DLX Ensemble

In 2018, Samy Deluxe was given the honor of playing a concert for the popular series „MTV Unplugged“. For this, he invited numerous musical guests such as Max Herre, Jan Delay, Afrob, Megaloh, Nena or Xavier Naidoo and put together the spectacular DLX Ensemble, which features Regis Molina.
Two drummers, bass, double bass, guitar, piano, violin, cello, three background singers and the brass fraction with trumpet, trombone and saxophone – a great band!
They toured Germany in 2018 and 2019 with the program of the „SaMTV Unplugged“ concert. A show with completely rearranged classics and pearls never played live before.

Samy Deluxe - SaMTV Unplugged (44 min Best Of)
Electronic and Ancestral Music


ARIWO are a Cuban-Iranian-British quintet focused on the unexplored intersection of electronic and traditional music.
The word Ariwo means „noise“ in Yoruba. The name was chosen to highlight the band’s desire to combine traditional rhythms in a live electronic performance that challenges perceptions of traditional music and connects diverse cultures from around the world.
The band brings together acclaimed Iranian electronic composer POUYA EHSAEI, Latin Grammy-winning percussion virtuoso HAMMADI VALDES, figurehead of London’s Cuban music scene ORESTE NODA, award-winning jazz trumpeter SAM WERNER, and Latin Grammy winner REGIS MOLINA on saxophone.
Their 2017 eponymous debut album received 4-star reviews in Songlines and the Evening Standard, and rave reviews in The Wire, Rhythm Passport, and Stamp the Wax. Her single „To Earth“ was listed in Phonica Records‘ Top 50 Tracks of 2017.

Experimental Performance

Being the Mesure

David Zink Yi’s first museum exhibition in Germany and the U.S. with Regis Molina, Marvin Diz, Adonis Panter, Onel Matos and Alain Perez brought together aspects of his diverse work in sculpture, photography, music and video. Zink Yi has been studying percussion in Cuba for over a decade. Many of his videos reflect the influence of Afro-Caribbean music.
The exhibitions opened with a musical performance and were on view at various museums and galleries from October 7, 2016 to February 12, 2017.

Afro-Cuban Jazz / Hip Hop / Afrobeat / Soul / Reggae

Machete Horns

Machete Horns is a collaborative project of two new generation Cuban musicians: saxophonist Regis „KinRe“ Molina and trumpeter Daniel „El Congo“ Allen. Their musical connection begins deep in their roots as descendants of a Jamaican diaspora that was based mainly in Holguin and spread to Havana. The Machetes began playing the horn at the age of nine and studied at the prestigious Superior Institute of Arts (ISA) in Havana, among other institutions. Although they were trained as classical musicians from the beginning, the Horns have always explored the music of their heritage, from Afro-Cuban religious music to reggae, rumba, soul, electro, jazz and hip hop.
In 2006 they met for the first time in Berlin and through music they were able to express the Cuban-Jamaican heritage and way of life without words. Combined with new elements they found in this cosmopolitan city, they created a unique spontaneous sound with percussions and horns: The Machete Horns.
The Machete Horns have performed and toured with artists such as Samy DeLuxe, Tony Allen, Jimmy Tenor, Jean-Paul Bourelli (Miles Davis), Aloe Blacc, Raúl Paz, Interactivo, JahAcoustic and many others.

Machete Horns
Berliner Jazz


Diversity is a Berlin phenomenon, whereby age, nationality, culture etc. no longer play a role. The international band Unity5, in which drummer Ernst Bier unites different generations of highly active jazz musicians in Berlin, participates in various ways.

The top-class ensemble reflects the diversity of the Berlin scene. The musicians, coming from different backgrounds, met for the first time in the Berlin jazz club A-Trane and harmonized immediately despite their differences. Through their unique way of playing, the music is both contemporary and celebrates the diversity of jazz styles. Dear listener, we have common musical goals – so let yourself be infected by the energetic freshness and playful mood of this band! In December 2018 we played at the Hammond B3 Nights at the Maschinenhaus Kulturbrauerei – Berlin and the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg recorded us live. The concert is now available at the renowned record label Jazzwerkstatt.